The field of tax law is often faced by both legal and natural persons, even those who are not engaged in economic activities, and is therefore relevant to many. In order to properly apply the current legislation, to understand your rights and obligations as a taxpayer, it is recommended to consult professionals in this field. Contact us and we will help you solve problems related to tax law and provide advice. If necessary, we will represent you in dealing with the tax authorities and in resolving disputes in tax dispute commissions or courts.

In the field of tax law, we provide the following services:

  • we provide advice to individuals and legal entities on financial, tax law and customs issues;
  • we prepare requests and inquiries to the tax administrator regarding the provision of information and clarifications;
  • we represent clients during inspections or tax investigations by the tax administrator, evaluate the submitted documents, prepare explanations, answers, and other documents required by the administrator;
  • we assist natural and legal persons in communicating and negotiating with the tax authorities (State Tax Inspectorate, Customs Department, State Social Insurance Fund Board), signing agreements on the amount of taxes, solving various tax-related issues;
  • we prepare procedural documents, legal conclusions, analyses, recommendations and other necessary documents;
  • we provide other legal services related to tax law.