To properly defend one’s rights in criminal proceedings, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedure legislation as well as related case law. For this reason, we recommend that all matters relating to criminal law be left to professionals in this field.

In the field of criminal and criminal procedure law, we provide the following services:

  • we provide advice to suspects and accused persons on various criminal acts and criminal liability for them;
  • we advise potential victims of criminal acts regarding the initiation of pre-trial investigation and the possibilities for redress;
  • we prepare agreements on reconciliation, compensation and other documents;
  • we provide legal advice and represent suspects and victims in pre-trial institutions;
  • we advise and provide legal assistance to natural and legal persons in various types of criminal cases – we represent accused persons, victims, civil plaintiffs, civil defendants in courts of first and higher instances;
  • we prepare procedural documents – statements on the initiation of a pre-trial investigation, requests, civil actions, complaints regarding actions or omissions of prosecutors, officials, pre-trial investigation judges, appeals and cassation appeals as well as responses thereto;
  • we provide other legal services related to criminal law.

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