Modern national and European Union legislation is purposefully focused on consumer protection and provides ample opportunities for consumers to defend their rights. However, many consumers do not have a legal education and are not familiar with the existing legislation, therefore they often do not understand what rights they have or where they should go to defend them. If, after purchasing a product or service, you encounter problems or feel that the seller may have violated your rights as a consumer, we invite you to contact our qualified specialists who will advise and help you solve any problems.

The existence of a comprehensive legal framework for consumer protection creates a number of obligations that businesses have to implement in relation to consumers. By providing legal services in the field of consumer protection, we help legal entities to ensure the implementation of the requirements of legal acts regulating the protection of consumer rights and to prevent the aspirations of consumers to defend their rights unreasonably and disproportionately.

In the field of consumer protection, we provide the following legal services:

  • we advise natural and legal persons on consumer protection issues;
  • we help clients to protect the legitimate interests of consumers in cases of consumer rights violations;
  • we prepare claims, responses, procedural and other documents;
  • we represent natural and legal persons in consumer protection institutions;
  • we represent clients in institutions dealing with disputes arising from consumer relations;
  • we provide other legal services related to consumer protection.