Competition law is an important field relevant to many business entities, regulating fair competition between organisations. The legal regulation of competition is rather complex, therefore, in order to understand it correctly and comply with the established requirements, we invite you to contact qualified lawyers. We provide legal services to clients and represent them when dealing with competition or judicial authorities.

In the field of competition law, we provide the following services:

  • we represent clients in investigations concerning restrictive agreements;
  • we provide legal assistance against unfair competition practices: misleading or degrading advertising towards competitors;
  • we evaluate the terms of contracts regarding possible violations of the prohibition of abuse of dominant position, prepare documents necessary to initiate an investigation into possible abuse, represent clients in investigations;
  • we assess the risks of violation of competition law that may arise in the activities performed by clients, we help to manage them and advise on the implementation of preventive measures;
  • we help clients to obtain permits from supervisory authorities for the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, we represent in investigations regarding the implementation of an unnotified concentration;
  • we advise on the issues of supervision of concentration, the implementation of regulated markets and fair competition;
  • we prepare procedural documents, represent clients in judicial and out-of-court disputes related to competition law;
  • we provide other legal services related to the field of competition law.