Administrative offences are violations of traffic rules, environmental protection, procedures for the possession of weapons, ammunition or explosives, economic and business procedures, and other offences for which persons are subject to administrative responsibility. If you have committed such an offence, you are facing administrative misconduct proceedings or simply do not agree with the administrative liability you are intended to be imposed, we invite you to contact our lawyers. They will provide you with the necessary advice, help you solve any issues and represent you in dealing with the responsible public authorities or in the courts.

Our lawyers will also help in cases where you believe that the state, municipal or other authorities have carried out unlawful acts or made unreasonable decisions, or, conversely, have not carried out the actions they are obliged to. If you have doubts about the actions of the authorities and feel that your rights are being violated, please contact our lawyers. We will provide professional legal advice, defend your rights, and represent you both in dealings with the authorities and in litigation.

In the field of administrative law, we provide the following services:

  • we advise on issues of administrative violations of law and the application of liability – appeals of decisions on the application of administrative liability, imposition of administrative penalties, revocation, replacement with public works, the arrangement of partial payment of fines and other issues;
  • we provide advice on the actions or omissions of the state and municipalities and other institutions, the legality and validity of the decisions taken, the possibility to appeal against them;
  • we assist and advise in resolving disputes with public and municipal authorities, prepare and provide requests, complaints, feedback, represent clients in pre-trial institutions and administrative dispute commissions, public enterprises, institutions, organisations, public administration institutions;
  • we prepare procedural documents (requests, complaints, appeals, requests to reopen the case of administrative misconduct and others);
  • we represent the clients in the ordinary and administrative courts of the first and higher instances;
  • we provide other services related to administrative law.

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