During the inheritance procedure, it is useful to know what steps need to be taken and to have a thorough knowledge of your rights and responsibilities. When dealing with inheritance processes, various problems often arise, therefore it is recommended to contact professional legal specialists to solve them. Do you want to make or amend a will, accept or renounce an inheritance belonging to you, or maybe challenge a will or a certificate of the right of succession? In all these cases, we invite you to contact our specialists, who will provide you with advice, help you solve any problems, represent you in solving inheritance issues, or in litigation in courts.

In the field of law of succession, we provide the following services:

  • we advise on the issues of making and amending wills, we prepare wills, joint wills of spouses;
  • we advise the heir on liability for the debts of the deceased, drawing up an inventory of property, inheriting property according to the inventory;
  • we advise and represent in accepting the inheritance, participate in the registration of the facts of inheritance;
  • we advise on the issues of renewal of the terms for the acceptance of inheritance, prepare requests for extension or renewal of the missed term;
  • we advise on the issues of establishing the legal facts regarding the acceptance of the inheritance by actual management, we prepare requests regarding the establishment of the fact of the acceptance of the inheritance;
  • we represent clients in disputes between heirs, we draw up peace agreements;
  • we advise, prepare procedural documents and represent in order to challenge a will or a certificate of succession, prepare claims for challenging wills or certificates of succession (declaration of invalidity);
  • we advise, prepare procedural documents and represent in filing creditors’ claims against heirs;
  • we advise and represent clients to obtain court permits to accept or renounce inheritance for minors, incapacitated persons and we prepare applications to the court for the issuance of such permits;
  • we prepare procedural documents and represent in courts of first or higher instance in disputes related to succession;
  • we provide other legal services related to the right of succession.

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