The regulation of labour law is relevant for resolving various everyday issues: concluding, changing, and terminating employment, collective and other agreements, calculating and paying the salaries, granting annual leave, applying disciplinary or material liability, etc. To prevent misapplication of the law or possible violations, we suggest leaving labour law issues to qualified and experienced professionals. If you have relevant questions, feel that your rights have been violated, or there has been a dispute between the employee and the employer, we invite you to contact us. We will provide you with legal advice and help you solve the issues related to labour law.

In the field of labour law, we provide the following services:

  • we advise on the conclusion, modification, termination of individual and collective employment contracts, working time and rest periods, business trips, calculation and payment of wages, granting and payment of leave, application of disciplinary and material liability, compensation of material damage to the employer, damage to the health of the employee and other issues;
  • we advise on temporary employment of personnel, employment of foreigners (both EU and third-country nationals), issuance of work permits in Lithuania;
  • we advise on the issues of the establishment and operation of works councils;
  • we prepare the company’s local legal acts (internal procedure documents, job descriptions, regulations, procedures);
  • we represent clients in negotiations between the parties;
  • we prepare procedural documents and represent the client’s interests in the authorities dealing with labour disputes;
  • we provide other legal services related to the field of labour law.

Professional advice

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