Professional Partnership of Advocates “Martovičius ir Damušis”

Several decades of unique legal experience, knowledge, and ability of professionals to find the most acceptable solution for you

We are a team of lawyers that unites different generations of legal professionals and their different approaches to solving legal situations. The ability to look at a legal question from the perspective of different experiences helps to find the answer that you need. Standard legal solutions are not our direction.

Legal services for legal persons

We provide a wide range of legal services for business. Our key strength is the ability to manage a variety of business risks in the initial rather than the crisis stage. Long-term clients of the professional body of lawyers “Martovičius ir Damušis” appreciate us for clearly understanding the differences between a good legal decision and a good legal decision for an individual business.

Legal services for natural persons

In the team of the professional body of lawyers “Martovičius ir Damušis” we have legal professionals who exclusively specialise in providing legal services to natural persons. Our team provides legal services for individuals in the areas of bankruptcy, labour law, consumer rights protection, personal data of legal practice, we can ensure the provision of high-quality comprehensive legal services to natural persons.

We have been providing legal services to more than 1000 clients.

We have over 400 cases a year in the courts.

We represent clients in at least 100 property acquisition-transfer transactions per year.

Why us?

  • long-standing experience, integrated approach and the resulting individual solution for the client;
  • knowledge of business specifics, understanding of business needs and being constantly with the business;
  • consistent action in a clear strategy where coincidences are not acceptable;
  • decisions which, in terms of legal costs, are proportionate to the objective pursued;
  • prompt, smooth and clear communication with the client;
  • optimal composition of the team, allowing to provide high-quality complex legal services, while maintaining individual communication and attention to the client;
  • loyalty to clients and evaluation of a long-term partnership.

Our Values

Top quality services
Professional ethics